RESARESA - Rebreather Education & Safety Association

is a non- profit organization consisting of rebreather manufacturers and other similar entities.

RESA was developed in order to aid in improving the safety and education in the rebreather industry and to ensure that the appropriate framework is in place to suit this growing industry.

RESA’s operating objectives are to:
Promote a high level of safety awareness and training and to promote standards based development and manufacture of rebreather equipment, the quality of which is measured by third party audited Quality Management Systems.

This includes:

  • WOB testing Scrubber duration Mechanical testing (EN14143:2003 Section 6.5 or equivalent)
  • EN61000 or other EMI testing (if electronics are fitted)
  • Membership for RESA: Regular members, Associate members and Supporting members.

IART is a supporting member of RESA, authorized as a training agency for all rebreather manufacturers within RESA and actively contributing to raising International minimum training standards.