Dave GrationDave Gration has been diving since the age of 15, now some 27+ years later he has been to some of the most amazing diving locations in the world. He first started diving in the U.K and later taught for some of the largest dive centres in the U.K focussing on running the training side of their business. After teaching in the U.K for a number of years he then started to travel and used his instructor qualifications to make this possible. In later years he settled down in The Canary Islands, where he owned his own dive centre for 10 years.

Angel RodriguezAngel Rodriguez: Became a diving instructor in 1999, and has to his credit over 5000 dives and hundreds of certified students. Angel has been a trainer and technical diving instructor since 2006 and CCR instructor since 2007. Counting his many hours of CCR diving he has to his credit the reputation of being one of the pioneers of rebreather diving in Spain. He also had the good fortune to be the first owner of a JJ-CCR in Spain. Angel is a deep diving enthusiast and has participated in many rescue and recovery operations with

AlexeyAlexey Mikhin started diving in 1994 and became an instructor in 2001. From early on he dreamed about CCR diving but first had the chance to get started with CCR’s in 2006 and immediately fell for this type of diving. Alexey discovered IART completed all levels of CCR training, becoming an instructor in 2007. Alexey now has a large collection of rebreathers. Alexey also runs a wholesale diving company “DiveIndustry” in Moscow since 2002. DiveIndustry is a

AllesandroAlessandro Verna started his diving activities in 1993 at the age of 16 and as soon as he bought an existing sport shop, he dedicated a large space within this store for scuba diving equipments sales and also founded his own diving school in 2001.
After some years passed between selling gear and scuba diving activities, he started to focus much more his time in developing new market strategies for diving equipment manufacturers, becoming an area manager for American Underwater Products in 2010.

masayoahiMasayoshi (Masa) Kondo has been diving for over 30 years, having logged over 10,000 dives in various locations in the world. He became a Technical diving instructor in 2000, CCR instructor since 2004. Masa is a highly experienced technical diver and rebreather instructor, teaching every courses from entry level rebreather diving to 100m mixed gas CCR diving. He is owner of many rebreather units including rEvo, SF2, Inspiration/Evolution, KISS,

Henrik EnckellHenrik Enckell has been diving for 25 years and has been an instructor since 1999. He was part of a dive boat crew in the Baltic sea that were early adopters of rebreather technology and units like Biomarine Mk 15, KISS and IDA were commonly used. In 2005 he joined IART as CCR instructor and became one of the first instructors in Sweden to offer rebreather training. Henrik has extensive experience of cold water diving and is regularly leading dive expeditions