Angel RodriguezAngel Rodriguez: Became a diving instructor in 1999, and has to his credit over 5000 dives and hundreds of certified students. Angel has been a trainer and technical diving instructor since 2006 and CCR instructor since 2007. Counting his many hours of CCR diving he has to his credit the reputation of being one of the pioneers of rebreather diving in Spain. He also had the good fortune to be the first owner of a JJ-CCR in Spain. Angel is a deep diving enthusiast and has participated in many rescue and recovery operations with

security forces and machinery research universities. Angel has worked and dived in various parts of the world: in the Mediterranean, Central and South America, Atlantic, Africa, Indian Ocean, Red Sea ...



Carlota Barañano

Carlota Barañano: Divermaster, technical diver and oceanographer. Carlota started diving in 2008 collaborating first with and then working for Atlantis Dive Center, diving at various locations in the world: Malaysia, Thailand, South America and Europe.

Carlota loves Cave diving and is passionate about diving with sharks, sometimes diving with more than 8 different species on numerous occasions.

Carlota currently actively collaborates with IART in the management of the regional office of Spain and carrying out of an important role in the translation process.