IART GasblenderThe aim of this course is to train the participant in the correct handling of various, breathable gasses that can be used for diving purposes.

In particular, potential hazards, legal considerations and liability issues will be addressed.

On completion, the participant should be capable of blending gasses for his/her own use and also as required by other divers.

The awareness of the responsibility carried will be sharpened and procedures demanded by law explained. Furthermore, all of the currently possible blending techniques and equipment will be reviewed.
This aim will be achieved through both theoretical and practical training sessions.

Course cover:

  • Suitability of gasses for blending
  • Gas properties
  • Handling oxygen during compression
  • Gas blending methods
  • Mixed gas calculations
  • Residual gas and target gas
  • Gas analysis (oxygen and helium analysers)
  • Compressors and blending panels
  • Cylinders, testing and cleaning
  • Laws and regulations
  • Safety aspects

Practical sessions are conducted to enable the participant to gain hands-on experience and on completion the participant will be able to prepare both Nitrox and Trimix gasses within industry tolerances.


  1. Course:
    Gas Blender

  2. Course objective:
    The objective of this course is to promote the correct handling of the various, breathable gasses commonly used for diving purposes. In particular, potential hazards, legal requirements and liability issues will be covered. The Blender should be able to prepare all appropriate gasses for his own and for other diver's use.

  3. Pre-requisites:
    minimum 18 years of age, Proof of a valid entry level diving qualification.

  4. Course content/duration:
    all theoretical and practical aspects of mixing diving gasses. Properties of the differing gasses, mixing methods, mixing calculations, general safety guidelines. Emphasis will be placed on developing a responsible attitude and awareness of legal requirements and regulations. Furthermore all currently possible techniques and equipment will be addressed. The instructor-to-student ratio is not limited. 

  5. Support material:
    IART Gas Blender manual, Instructor manual and Instructor presentation materials. 

  6. Required equipment:
    Oxygen analyser and O2-clean tanks, decanting hoses, helium analyser, Computer with appropriate software.

  7. Limits:

  8. Practical skills:
    The student should be given ample opportunity to mix and analyse various gases under the direct observation of the Instructor. Particular emphasis should be placed on safe practices, especially when handling oxygen or gases with high oxygen content. 

  9. Certification requirements:
    The participant demonstrates through completion of a written exam and the blending of TWO differing gasses the necessary level of knowledge. Should the participant demonstrate significant, safety-relevant shortcomings or incorrect attitude the instructor is obliged to bring performance to the required level through remedial training or to withhold certification. In accordance with IART quality control, the student and Instructor are required to fill in the training protocol form. The instructor must retain this form with the student file.

  10. Certification:
    IART HQ. After successful conclusion of the training the participant is issued an IART GAS BLENDER certification. This entitles the participant to mix all the gases commonly used for recreational diving.

  11. Certification Renewal:


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